Wednesday, November 30, 2005



I can't pinpoint my feelings. I can't name them, describe them. They have left for vacation. It's not the weather, or circumstance.


Even writing about it makes me glaringly aware of how ridiculous it is to not feel anything.


6 years ago I was on an adrenaline high so potent, that I think I have depleted myself.


I am blessed beyond compare, and I am angry with my own apathy. I know I should be doing, but I don't know what. And round and round the cycle goes...until I can grasp onto something that will pull me out of this emotionless hole.


Until then, I will watch on as the other people in my life busy themselves with activity, and wait until my prayers are answered.

God, please DO something with me.


At 11:18, Blogger speckledpup said...

get outta my head.

At 13:13, Blogger Kelly said...

It must be our collective time-of-the-month. Just kidding. God is already doing something with you, Kass - he's loving you, but you know that.

Sometimes I don't like the twilight time before the dawn. It's still too dark to see anything. xo

At 14:44, Blogger scott said...

There is no should. There is no should. Just be and do. You are a good person, and you will do good things. Forget should. No one's keeping score.

At least that's what I think.

Hello, Kassi.

At 20:13, Blogger Kassi said...

you are right. "should" is not the correct word. i suppose "desire" is more accurate...i've never been one for patience though :)


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