Monday, November 28, 2005

Reading on Purpose

I've read Eragon. It took me 4 days, a total of 12 hours to finish this little gem. It was good. I liked the flow of the story, and how every piece of information was relevant.

I could surmise future outcomes with little snippets of information that the author placed throughout each chapter. It was a fun read.

Unfortunately, I want to read the second book, Eldest. Which is sitting in my closet as an unwrapped Christmas present for my son. He has requested it for Christmas.

And while I know I could easily finish it before the holiday, making him none the wiser...I would feel a certain sense of guilt for cracking open the book before he had the chance. So I'll wait.

In it's stead, I had anticipated purchasing The Chronicles of Narnia and reading the first two books prior to the upcoming movie. Caleb even went out last night to purchase it for me, and when he called me from Barnes and Noble to ask which version I wanted, for some reason I told him to just nevermind.

Not so oddly enough a copy of the Chronicles came walking through the door as an unprompted gift from close friends who came to visit not a half an hour later. It was surreal. But I am learning that God works things out like that. It was really very cool, and much more meaningful.


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