Sunday, November 27, 2005

Giving Thanks More Often

Keeping on with the spirit of the holiday, I have realized that I need to give thanks more often. I need to recognize the blessings in my life every day. Not just one day a year.

Thankful for friends who come over and help me eat up all the left overs.
Thankful for a church family who is willing to help me out with my car.
Thankful for siblings who make me smile.


At 08:08, Blogger Fin said...

help out with your car?
What great news!!!


At 11:07, Blogger speckledpup said...

YOU make me smile.
great blog.

At 11:18, Blogger diggincookin said...

Looks like we both had a great turkey day!

At 11:29, Blogger Kelly said...

When I first read it, I thought you'd said you were thankful for a church family that would "help you out of your car." HAHA! Saturday, friends I'd met waaaaay back when I was attending church helped me take my car to the shop, too, and I am incredibly grateful for them. Another friend I'd met at church is helping me pick it up today. There are some good eggs attending church, aren't there? =o) (Yay for friends, in or out!)

At 12:13, Blogger scott said...

I have noticed this about you. I often say to myself, "Kassi should be thankful more often." I've not wanted to say anything because, you know, it might seem rude.

I'm glad you cam tho this realization on your own. I'll let everyone else know that the intervention won't be necessary.

Hello, Kassi.

At 13:19, Blogger Kassi said...

I'm pretty floored actually. The offer has been to tow my car and fix it. It will be nice to have my car back, but I am more happy that the offer was made.

Scott: yeah, I know I just barely squeaked by on that one. I'm not the brightest bulb...


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