Monday, May 09, 2005

The Wicker Man

Last October my husband and I watched a countdown of the 100 most scary movies. We were interested to find out what was the number 1 scary movie. [Jaws]

While we watched this program, we were enlightened to a variety of scary movies over the course of movie history. So, I made a mental list of movies that I was going to rent to check them out...again broaden my horizons.

My personal favorites are about ghosts and psychological thrillers. In fact the most scary movie that I have seen to date is The Haunting.

I watched it on Halloween night, very late. While Caleb slept next to me on the couch I sat riveted, unable to close my eyes, both out of interest, and fear. And there was no gore whatsoever.

So, one of the movies that was on my 'list' to watch was The Wicker Man. Something about the way that the narrator said that the last scene freaked him out.

So, finally I rented it. It arrived in the mail, and last Saturday night we watched it. Ironically enough, the movie was about the May Day celebration, so I wasn't off season.

All I can say is that it was probably the most bizarre movie that I have seen. A twisted Fantasy Island...where Mr. Roarke has made his own culture and everyone is unconvinceable to follow decent human laws...and the 'outsider' is the target.

I watched the entire movie because I was compelled to watch see that ending. And I wasn't disappointed, it was creepy. And if I take a literary viewpoint of the movie, it is an interesting addition to our culture, and views of other religions.

But overall, I wasn't as 'moved to fear' as I had hoped I would be. There was something lacking...the characters weren't in-depth enough, I wanted more information. I wanted to feel bad for the main character...but I just couldn't muster it. I felt that he was a fool for staying as long as he did...and should have left for back up at the first sign that the people weren't cooperating. I loathe dumb characters.

Caleb's thoughts on the other-hand were that he didn't like it because their Scottish accents weren't authentic enough.


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