Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Personal Journey Update

I've become lax in my writing the personal journey blog which journals my progress through The Purpose Driven Life. Actually that isn't altogether the truth...I have been waiting. Much of the book is about actively changing things that you do...forming healthy habits based on Christian doctrine.

To create a habit, you need I feel that the book is a little misleading. It is based on the assumption that many things are already in place...which for me, this is not the case.

So I took some time to begin getting more involved in my church, and I hope that I can establish a small bible study group [you all are invited].

Anyway, I stopped at the second section of the book before reading on about my 3rd purpose in life. But last night, I felt it was time to resume bringing me to day 23. It may not be an actual 40 days that you can figure out what your purpose in life is for, but I think 50 is okay too.

Overall though, this is a really good book...the best 'self help' book that I have read. And I have read enough to say that most of the self help books out there are drivel.


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