Friday, May 06, 2005

Sinking Feeling 101

I need to work in my execution of naming my price...meaning expressing how much I believe I am worth to an employer within that I am paid what makes me happy.

Today's interview went really well, except when it came time for me to give my salary expectations...

I know that had this been a salaried position I would have stated the number a bit more confidently, however, when it comes to hourly pay, I get a little nervous. Certainly this job would not be willing to match what I had made as an hourly breakdown of my last salary...not even close.

So...I have to take into consideration those allowances of part time work, flexibility of hours [to my benefit], and not having to pay for daycare.

On the other hand...I ended up short changing myself grievously. And I knew it as soon as it came out of my mouth, and my stomach dropped slightly.

This isn't a high level executive position, I didn't want to come off as playing hard ball with the numbers...this is part time work...not board room work. Regardless, I hate having to name my price...because I don't want to shock anyone...but I don't want to short sell myself either, it's such a fine line.

Anyway, the sinking feeling continued as I sped down I-275 destination: home. So I did what I felt compelled to do...and I called my interviewer back and stated a new number...a number that I felt was fair considering my experience and my college education. Not an outrageous number, and certainly not the number that I know I am worth...but it is part time, and flexible [to my benefit], and erasing the worry of having to find day care...well that is a pretty nice perk in itself.

Hopefully they will call back...but even if not, at least I called back with a number that I can live with...and the sinking feeling is gone.


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