Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mary Kay Consultant

Well, today's Mary Kay party was a success. I only had three people show, but they all made a purchase. The profits will go directly into a business account so that I can officially start my business.

I'm still not officially a consultant...I haven't purchased the starter kit yet, but I am on my way.

Any trepidition that I had been feeling regarding this business venture is fading away. I want to do this...more importantly it is something that I CAN do.

Thankfully I have some wonderfully supportive people in my life to help me get started. They all realize how important it is for me to stay home with the children...and they believe in me.

For the rest, who were unable to make it today...I hope that they don't mind me calling up to book consultations with them. I hope.
Overall though, everyone has been really positive about this decision of mine. Including Caleb.

In the meantime, I really hope that the part time job I interviewed for calls me back. I have decided that I would really like to work there. It would be fun and interesting, and get me in touch with new people. New faces.


At 08:41, Anonymous lawbrat said...

I'm so happy for you. That is wonderful to find something that you love, and will let you stay home with the kids. You Go Girl.

At 07:41, Blogger Fin said...

Hopefully new faces that might be interested in MK!


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