Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Adoption Shower[s]

Last Saturday I went to an adoption shower. A friend of ours from church adopted three children from Russia. They are between the ages of 8 and 14. The kids do not speak English, and the transition has been very difficult for all five people.

And while I wish that I could write more about the event, and the trials that our friends went through to adopt these children from a Russian orphanage, that is not what this post is about. This post is about something more relevant to my own personal potty training.

Amazingly enough, Kimi told me each and every time that she had to go to the potty while we were at this function. So she stayed dry the entire time. It was amazing...but that isn't what this post is about either...

See, I have tried getting my daughter used to sitting on a big people toilet seat by having her hold on to my leg while her little butt hangs precariously over the edge of the seat.

And quite honestly, if she were to fall in it would be disasterous for all 'hold on to my leg' has been a regular enough repetition that she even reaches for me when we are at home...and she has her normal potty chair without the hazard of falling in hanging over head.

So I lean in towards her and let her hold my usual, which brings me abnormally close to her but for her safety and comfort, it is no problem...until she pees on my foot.

Okay it is not her fault I did not make sure that she was hanging into the toilet all the way...but what does one do when the three year old pees on your foot and you are at a church family adoption shower?

You get a surprised look on your face, giggle, and then admit nothing until you get a chance to blog it. That's what.

And to be honest...I was worried that I wouldn't have a potty story to share about Kimi, because Zac and Abi have potty stories...I didn't want her to be left out when it came to sharing them when they are MUCH OLDER and have children of their own.


At 14:36, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Note to Kassi: Remember to bring this up in front of her prom date.

Humiliation is a tradition! ;P

At 17:36, Blogger Kassi said...

much better to wait until she is married...that way the story will be brought up again and her hubby.

At 19:28, Anonymous lawbrat said...

LOL thats funny. I'm sure it wasent then.
Hunter, mine that still has nighttime issues- when he was 3 or 4 we went garage saleing in a very prestigious neighborhood. We were walking down the side walk, and Hunter just stopped. I told him to come on, but no. He just stood there. A few seconds passed by, he got red-faced and I knew what was coming! The worst, he was wearing short, and NO undies. He had took them off. He went in his pants, and walked away. When he walked away there was a log on the sidewalk. We kept walking, and went back to the car.

At 22:53, Blogger Kassi said...

Oh my gosh, that is too second child decided to 'finger paint' with hers. It was awful.

At 23:02, Blogger adpierin11 said...

i wonder if my mom has any good potty stories about me... that's funny, I would have been pretty grossed out, but this gave me a giggle or two :)


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