Friday, May 06, 2005

Mary Kay here we come...

In this photo Kimi shows us her groundbreaking use of creme eyeshadows...note the blend of colors.

See her inventive use of mascara and how it amplifies and enhances her eyebrows?

Kimi has shown us a new ways to accomplish the looks that only Bozo and Ronald have been able to achieve throughout the years...spring time colors...classic look.

Be the envy of all the clowns in YOUR neighborhood.

All I could do is laugh...even though she DESTROYED my favorite eyeshadow. Thank goodness it wasn't the Mary Kay...THAT is kept on the top shelf. What little girl hasn't experimented with her momma's make up?

For me, I was into my grandma's make up ALL the time...I've even gone as far as to paint my cousin's faces. My cousins are all boys...being the oldest and meanest has it's advantages. And yes, I have collected the photos for blackmail purposes.

I remember that a couple of friends of mine when I was a little girl decided to dress up like little old women and shuffle down the sidewalk, holding our backs and everything...I 'invented' a technique to create the effect of I am doing all I can to keep from getting them!

I am having my Mary Kay party on Saturday...I wonder if I should have Kimi share her


At 11:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never too early for a girl to fall in love with makeup.

Seriously Addicted Since 2002


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