Monday, May 09, 2005

Lunch Detention

I received a call, just a few moments ago from my son's teacher. I've received calls from her before about his schoolwork, and quite frankly, she is I can empathize with my son regarding her personality, and the fact that he has to spend time everyday trying to learn from her.

We established this early in the his teacher began calling early in the year. I learned from her that my son is 'disorganized', 'unprofessional', and a 'dreamer'.

I am not sure that I would want to KNOW a 12 year old who IS organized, professional, and a realist.

However, in her class that is not what she I spoke to my son and tried to give him tips on staying organized...and focused in her classroom. His grade has jumped from a C- to a B+. He has improved greatly...more importantly it has been MONTHS since I have heard from his teacher. In fact, my son is on the honor roll.

Last week Zac informed me that there was a substitute teacher for his class. And total chaos ensued. His part in the disruption was to take a swivel chair from the stage and it came apart in the process of moving it.

He earned himself detention. So I received the call from his teacher. She called because he refuted her claim that he deserved detention...he told her that he didn't agree with her. EGADS!! He has his own mind.

First, thought that I would be completely unaware of what happened, even expressed surprise that I knew about the chair...she was even more surprised when I broke down her story of my son's horrible acts of disruption to this simple statement:

"My son received detention for taking a chair off of the stage".

[Because the swivel chair falling apart is subject to whether or not the chair was put together properly, so clearly may not be his fault--I watch too much Law and Order]

And while she did not like my simplicity in the matter, that is exactly what happened.

Granted, the chair would not have normally been used during the class, but he claims that there were no other chairs for him to sit in. And while I appreciate the teacher trying to impart a lesson onto the students for their less than acceptable behavior, she has failed to convince me that she has thought the disciplines out thoroughly and fairly. Especially in relation to what I learned that the other children were doing highly resembled behavior in the chimpanzee cage at the zoo.

Her rebuttal: I can see now why Zac behaves the way that he does, if you back him up when he is being disruptive.

No, dear teacher. My son tells me what goes on in his day, and I trust him. His grades do not reflect this so-called 'disruptive behavior' and until today you have not mentioned a word about your concerns. Therefore if you really feel that he is a problem in your classroom, please schedule a conference with me.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.


At 22:01, Blogger SonSon said...

This teacher sounds like a maniac. I can't believe she would say such things. Amazing. Being chastised for being a dreamer is ridiculous. That's a characteristic of millioinaires. She sounds quite odd.

At 13:00, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Good for you for backing your son. Too many parents dont, or they dont know their children well enough to back them.
You Go Girl!


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