Sunday, December 04, 2005

Spoiled Cat

I went ahead and splurged on the pink Swarovski crystal collar for Tangerine. Yes, there IS something seriously wrong with me.


At 09:05, Blogger Kelly said...

No, no. It's gorgeous!! And...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASSI!!! I hope you have a scrumptulescent day. Eat one of those chocolate covered blackberries for me, okay? MAN, that sounds good. Just have fun fun fun! xo

At 11:07, Blogger bella said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope your day is full of joy!!

At 11:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How regal. I hope that Tangerine enjoys her collar. Happy Birthday!


At 13:53, Anonymous irene said...

Happy birthday!

your cat is really lucky.

At 14:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just insanely exotic for a a dog on the other hand.

Happy Birthday !!!!

Enjoy your evening.

At 15:06, Blogger Lizza-Do said...

Your cat is lucky to have such a great owner and your family is also blessed to have such a wonderful mom and wife.

See ya later

At 00:03, Blogger SlushTurtle said...

That is some collar! I hope the cat got you something equally splendid for your birthday!

At 12:24, Blogger Kassi said...

THank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!

At 15:38, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Happy Birthday!!

That is a beautiful collar. I think I know what i'm getting Mimi for Christmas...she's Phil's new kitten and just a little princess.

At 16:11, Blogger Kassi said...

I ordered this off of ebay...just so you know.

At 17:10, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Kassi, I just showed Phil the picture. He's, uh, not so sure its a fit for 'his' kitten. He says shes a bit more bohemian...I think it would suit the princess perfectly. (and she's half mine) :-)

I'm gonna go check out ebay. Phil hopes they have hemp kitten!


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