Sunday, December 04, 2005

December 4

I've always enjoyed December 4th; the day before my birthday. I get more of a high on anticipation than I do receiving. I suppose that is why I held out so long on empty promises. I fed on the possibilities like Turkish Delight.

Today is no different. I have long stopped getting overly excited about my birthday. But when I looked at the calendar and realized that today is December 4th, my heart quickened ever so slightly.

I know that my husband has some very nice things planned for tomorrow. He has taken the day off and has mentioned the "s" word. He knows that I like to shop. And I hope I will be able to hold off the anxiety that usually accompanies shopping with other people. I am a lone shopper by trade. Like an adventurer who sets off on a wonderous journey and returns with tales of treasure and bargains.

I also know that there will be a Godiva store somewhere en route with chocolate covered blackberries. Perhaps a stationary store with a cool pen waiting for me to find it and bring it home...possibly a stop at Trader Joe's for the cherry wine I have been eyeing for a while...

But really, I get more excited thinking about it. I guess that is because in my imagination it will be a warm sunny day, butterflies and fairies will dance about, and everyone I love will receive the most wonderful news making everything right in the world. For instance, there was a mistake in accounting and my age is actually only as far back as I remember, thereby knocking off a good 5 years.

Anticipation is a dangerous thing sometimes. It lends to disappointment. And today, I think that I am going to free my mind of it all and focus on just today for what it that tomorrow can just be what it is as well; My birthday.


At 12:26, Blogger Chris said...

Here, here about the neighbors! I'm with you on that one. Post a picture of this lovely van you keep talking about, will 'ya?

At 14:24, Blogger Kassi said...

Once he's had a wash, I'll snap a shot or two. The winter in MI is harsh, and already he's spotted with dirty gray snow marks.

At 14:27, Blogger Kelly said...

Chocolate-covered blackberries? A brand-new pen? What could be better? Have a happy day-before of anticipation, Kass. I try to plan my birthday to the nth degree so I'm not disappointed; it kind of works...

I'm happy about your new van, too. Now that's a great present, eh?


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