Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sibling [Philosophical Debate] Rivalry

My kids fight. Constantly. I am not accustomed to silbing rivalry...having been an only child until about age 11, and not really having much to do with my younger brothers and sisters. I essentially skipped the entire experience of fighting with a brother or sister.

Usually their fighting drives me batty. But sometimes their fights are interesting, almost insightful, as to the type of people they are, or are developing to be.

A: I have to read every day, I'm on a schedule for my education. [Said much in the tone and cadence of Hermoine]

Z: I read without a schedule.

A: But I'm doing it to learn. It's very important. [Again, very Hermoine-ish]

Z: I'm reading a rule book, and that is educational.

A: But I am doing it for school.

Z: I'm learning to play a game, and the rule book is 200 pages.

A: That's not education. It's not for school.

Z: I'm learning this game [Warhammer], and it isn't easy.

A: You're a turd.

Z: No, you're a turd. [knocking the book out of A's hand]

A: Great! you made me lose my page!!

Z: No, the paper is right there..

A: That is just a game book [pointing to Z's rather large rule book], it's not education.

Z: Yes it is, I'm learning...

A: You're still a turd.


At 10:12, Blogger diggincookin said...

Mom, he's looking at me!
No, I'm not.
He's on my side again!
No, I'm not.
Stop touching my arm (slap).
Argh! (this is where the hair pulling, pinching and biting start).

As often as not, this scene ended up with both parties falling down the stairs. Either one or both in tears. Usually a bandaid was also required.

My younger brother is now my best advocate and biggest defender.

Sometimes you have to slap each other around when you are little to appreciate each other when you grow up.

It's OK to have ridiculous fights between siblings.


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