Monday, November 21, 2005

Who's the Turkey Now?

Just because I added a few items to my once "simple" Thanksgiving meal does not make me neurotic....

You may remember this cute little list:

turkey & stuffing
herb mashed potatoes
corn bread
candied sweet potatoes
garden salad
green bean casserole
cranberry sauce jell-o
crackers and cheese
pickle tray
pumpkin pie
apple pie

I guess my elation over the fact that I actually finished the decorating must have been sending warning impulses to my brain that I needed to add more things to my list of "to-do's" for the holiday.

Therefore I have added the following items:

cranberry bread
glazed spiral ham
tortellini salad
Becky's mashed potatoes {replacing the herb mashed potatoes}
baked butternut squash
angel food cake w/ raspberry sauce {for my mom's birthday}
strawberry petit fours

"...Gobble Gobble"


At 01:19, Anonymous irene said...

wow!!! I am soooooo impressed!!!!

At 08:41, Blogger Fin said...

impressed, awe-struck, envious

I'm picking up our turkey tonight (we ordered one from Huron Turkey Farm - had one a couple years ago - very fresh, very yummy) and brining him and making the cornbread for the stuffing. I MIGHT make the clementine cranberry sauce tonight too... if I'm feeling ambitious. It partly depends on if Guck gets home in time to cook dinner (did I mention he does Tuesday night dinners now?).

You'll HAVE to post/e-mail and tell us how it all went!

At 09:18, Blogger Jill said...

Can I come to dinner too? Of course, I won't be joining in on the pool party the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING! Only really skinny people plan something stupid like that! :)
I hope your meal turns out fabulously! Have a good one!!

At 10:30, Blogger Kassi said...

The more the merrier!


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