Monday, November 21, 2005

Lily Livered

My mom and her husband are visiting for the holiday.

They are staying at a hotel. Though, we did open our home to them.

On Wednesday we will be partaking of turkey and stuffing goodness...replete with many desserts afterwards. I'm sure I'll have to unbutton my pants "to make room".

On Friday we have been invited to stay at the hotel. My mom has offered to reserve us a suite for the night so that we can visit with them and not have to worry about driving back home late and vice versa. We intend to stay up late, play board games, and perhaps go to the pool.

We have accepted this offer for a "mini-vacation" away from home the day after Thanksgiving. It will be nice to ignore the house cleaning until Saturday.

Then it hit me.

The pool.

The day after Thanksgiving.

Visions of me having to unbutton my top pants button due to gorging myself on Thanksgiving food on Thursday and then squeezing my lily white skin into a bathing suite on Friday are causing a short in my circuitry.

I'm not sure if God meant for people to schedule these activities in this particular sequence.

Yesterday at Target I bought some hand weights...and today I dusted off my VHS version of the "Tae Bo 8 Minute Work-Out". Pray the VCR still works.

Making it worse: my mom is coming in from Nevada where she has been soaking up the sun on her hiking expeditions. My sister is a size 4 super model, as well as my brother's girlfriends.

I'll be playing the part of "Frumplestiltskins" this holiday.


At 14:51, Blogger scott said...

There's only one solution. Poison the food. There can be no embarassing Friday if Friday never comes.

It's a sacrifice, but at least you'll all be together when it happens.

Maybe you can think of another solution, but don't be closed-minded about this one.

Hello, Kassi.

At 15:10, Blogger Kassi said...

The problem is that I ALWAYS poison the food, therefore my family has built up an immunity...

Hello Scott!

At 17:42, Blogger speckledpup said...

oh baby, just fahgettaboutit!

Nobody notices if the smiling fun diving girl is fat.....they only notice, gawd she's fun.
Go have fun.

word verification wants me to give you a gapvja...sounds good.....

At 21:37, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

No worries - they're going to be so doped up on that turkey drug, they'll sleep all weekend.

At 08:37, Blogger Fin said...

ok, I was going to say something about just having a good time and all that stuff that everyone said... and then, as if blogger had read bleu's comment my secret code word is:
tkdrhgpu = turkey drug poo

and I'm left speechless.


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