Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Embracing My Inner Geek

"Geek". I love this word. I haven't always though. Perhaps as my generation got older and is finally coming in to it's own, we made up our own terms on what "geek" means.

Certainly in our parents generation, it was not considered "cool" or "acceptable" to be called a "geek". I think that if pinned a geek in the 1950's you were considered a social outcast, misfit, wore black plastic frame glasses, and often had your chocolate malt poured on your head by a guy named Biff.

Speaking of which, I wonder if those angsty scenes in Back to the Future had anything to do with our current perceptions of geekhood. Maybe the baby boomer generation DID teach us some good life lessons after all. Or maybe we ignored their point, and took it in our own direction. We are rebellious that way. Heck, we geeks have our own store now.

At any rate, I have been labeled a "geek" on many occasions, and I cannot dispute the label:

I like computers
I play video games
I role play
I like anime
I read. A lot.
I like comic book characters
I watch Invader Zim
I have my own dice
I own 2 pairs of Chucks
I like CSI [Gil Grissom rocks]
I like Sci-Fi
I feel comfortable having a conversation about the Illuminati
I've used the word "trajectory" in a sentence during casual converstation
I have my very own red stapler
AND I wear black rimmed glasses. [of course the current geek look is more Napoleon, and less McFly].

I'm okay with this.

It helps immensely that ALL of my friends are geeks [or geek lovers] on some plane of existence or another as well. Be their geekdom derived from books, clothes, movies, computers, or games. And I'm glad to have found this group of people who delights in one form of geekdom or another.

I admit...I partake of more than my share of geeky activities...but I am comfortable in my shoes, and wouldn't have it any other way.


Inspired by Ellen


At 11:42, Blogger speckledpup said...

so you're a geek
who cares about a label?

At 17:06, Blogger Lizza-Do said...

geeks are cool I also consider myself a geek as well


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