Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hosting the Holiday

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and I'm a little nervous.

I've hosted Thanksgiving before, just not with my family. On the guest list is my mother, her husband, my grandma, my brother, and my sister. As well as my husband and children. It will be a full house. Thankfully we have a large enough table to seat everyone.

On the menu is the following:

turkey & stuffing
herb mashed potatoes
corn bread
sweet potatoes
garden salad
green bean casserole
garden salad
yummy cranberry sauce
crackers and cheese
pickle tray
pumpkin pie
apple pie

I keep thinking that I am missing something. Perhaps I should add the tortellini salad. (To which Caleb responds with a firm YES)

Well, I don't want to get away from myself, so in keeping with making things simple, I will cap it at the above mentioned items for my menu.

However, I am curious, dear friends...what Thanksgiving dishes are you going to be passing around the table on November 24?

A comment from Caleb: He is miffed that we [collectively as a nation] go from Halloween celebration straight to Christmas without really giving Thanksgiving its proper due. His feeling is that Thanksgiving is a much overlooked and underappreciated holiday, and should be emphasized more. I have to agree. I feel that we should spend more time giving thanks.


At 00:28, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Um... what part of that menu do you define as "simple?"

Simple to me is ordering a pre-made dinner from Harps/Pricecutter. Thank God I have aunts nearby who do Thanksgiving and only require my "World Famous Mashed Potatoes in the Crockpot." I have to admit, it is pretty amazing - and you can do it way ahead of time. Want the recipe? Mash boiled potatoes with a little cream (to make it creamy, of course), a thingy of cream cheese, a packet of dried ranch dressing, eight ozs of sour cream, and a stick of butter. Put in crock and leave on low until you're ready to eat.

Good luck, you brave soul. And allow me start with the thanks-giving - I'm thankful for your site, and thankful that I have made such a neat blog friend in Michigan.

At 08:05, Blogger Kassi said...

Thank you! I really like your recipe for mashed potatoes, especially using the crock pot...I'm going to try it out!

At 08:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thankful that I have such love and support of my friends in hard, trying times. Couldn't get through it otherwise.


Erin M.

At 09:02, Blogger Fin said...

-- brined turkey with cornbread and sausage stuffing
-- simple mashed potatoes and gravy
-- sourdough rolls
-- carmelized sweet potatoes
-- sweet potatoe casserole
-- sweet corn (or maize)
-- probably a green vegetable, but I don't know what - I'm leaning toward bread-crumbed green beans - just to get deeper into starch fest '05
-- field grees (weed) salad
-- orange cranberry sauce/salsa/chutney
-- heaven only KNOWS what for snacking, though it's likely to be spinach pie and then something *I* like
-- pumpkin pie

* * * * *
my daily thanksgiving is for the wonderful support and love of friends and family

secret word - ipzdp - pron ips dip
it's blogger's suggestion for what i should serve to snack on...

At 10:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving this year will be in New Jersey w/Rich's family.

-Stove Top stuffing
-Mashed potatoes
-Dinner Rolls
-Ocean Spray Cranberry Jelly
-Apple Pie
-Pumpkin Pie

I will eat the Stove Top, Peas, and a dinner roll. Were we to go to my parent's house (in Colorado), we'd have:

-Beef Rouladen
-Mushroom Gravy
-Creamed Spinach
-Pre-Christmas Stollen
-Angel-food cake--no icing (because it's one of MY fav's)
-Apfel Strudel

My family is thankful that we can keep our customs/heritage and pass them along to future generations, WHILE raising them to be 'Americans'.

I'm thankful that for all of the distance of my blood-relations, I have friends that are like family to me!

--Kim R

At 10:14, Blogger speckledpup said...

Cannot have a holiday dinner without the cranberry salad.
In my husband's family this is a jello type concoction with nuts, cranberries and other unmentionable stuff...(I don't like theirs.)
In my family this is a cranberry fluff thing with crushed cranberries, whipped topping, mini marshmallows, mandarin oranges, nuts....ummmmm
We cannot have a dinner without.

At 11:31, Blogger SlushTurtle said...

I have to add my thumbs up for bleu's potatoes. I look forward to them and give much thanksgiving when they arrive. =)

Good luck!

At 11:47, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Thanks, Slushy! Will you be at Nanny's this year? Me and my potatoes will be...

At 17:05, Blogger SlushTurtle said...

Where your potatoes are, I will follow...


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