Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Report

Slowly but surely my work list is shrinking.

I haven't accomplished as much as I wanted, but accomplished enough to feel productive. The photo album has monopolized most of my time. But that is because it is something that interests me.

In other news, the parent-teacher conferences went well.

I didn't get to meet all of Zacs Teachers, but it was still good to go, and put faces to names. They say the same thing that every teacher has said every year. And nothing that I don't already know; Zac is a respectful, quiet, appropriate, and sensitive boy. A nice young man to work with.

Every year a teacher will tell me that whatever I am doing, to keep it up. But I have to isn't me. God blessed me with a very nice kid. And I am very very thankful.

Now back to cleaning...but I stop at 7:00 tonight. Tonight I have a spaghetti and movie date with my family, no excuses.

Hawaii, Idaho, and Japan are all in the album! I've decided to create a scrapbook page for each Christmas and Halloween, and keep it in chronological order.

Michigan will be tough...I have more photos for the past 6 years than I thought. I am also downloading all of my digital photos to the Walgreens site to order those prints. The "test set" turned out really nice, so onward!

I have been using pages that fit 4 x 6 photos for all of my snapshots. Therefore, all of my 3.5 x 5's will need to have a black insert to frame them into the slots. Maybe I'll add captions, but I doubt it.

It has been interesting so far to see the progression of our lives through this organized album.

If I ever am able to raise the money, I may invest in a better camera.

Abby's room is finally clean. It took one hour. Not too bad. Now for the rest of the cleaning and hanging up some framed photos of the children.

I need more walls.


At 15:59, Blogger Sara You-don't-need-to-know-my-last-name said...

You really are an awesome mom! The proof is definitely in this post. I love how your doing your photo albums - someday those will be priceless to your children. Also, it sounds like your kids are turning out to be pretty great people. Your love for them perseveres through any hard times. Have a fun family date night!

At 17:11, Blogger Kassi said...

I do love my children, though I am far from a perfect mom. They know that I am not perfect; I'm thankful that they love me anyway. (except when they are in trouble)


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