Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I woke up, took a shower, put on deoderant, got dressed. I copped out with tying a bandana around my head instead of doing my hair...but I am presentable.

However, my (youngest) daughter has run around in panties, a robe and a pink crocheted hat all day. She also ate 6 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

It is no wonder she's been all laughs and giggles today.

If only I had a pink crocheted hat.

On a side note:

today has been rainy, gray, and beautifully gloomy. Right now, I am watching the moonlight dance with raindrops in the puddles outside my window. A perfect night for Poe.


At 19:02, Blogger Kelly said...

Last year I crocheted four hats, two of which I sewed giant, crocheted daisies on. They are adorable but I'm still too insecure to wear them. I guess I'll save them for my old-lady-in-purple days.

When Torie was little I let her wear whatever she wanted, anywhere. Now she's a scion of fashion. Thrift store fashion, actually, and she always gets compliments. Or glares, depending on who's looking. She doesn't care, though.

At 21:35, Blogger Kassi said...

I'm looking forward to my old lady in purple days...it means less worrying about what my butt looks like. [and eating cookies guilt free]

At 10:23, Blogger bella said...

ooooh, I love those kind of nights.
your daughter sounds like a happy little girl.


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