Monday, November 21, 2005

Elixer of Events

1. Caleb and I finished the "New Connections" class at church on Saturday morning...and so we were announced as new members at our church bright and early on Sunday morning!

2. Zac, Abby, and I were given tickets to see "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" at the IMAX theatre Saturday afternoon!

3. I painted the walls!

Can you tell I did this after viewing the Harry Potter movie? It's a good thing I didn't have black, purple, and green wall paint.

4. I got to go shopping at Target!

As you can see here, Tangerine likes it when I go shopping at Target as well.

5. My car won't start!

With the holiday looming ahead, and this household down one car... this week will definitely interesting. I'm not freaking out yet. Give me a day. I'm not allowing myself to think about WHEN I will be able to do my grocery shopping and errands.

6. My husband is currently dismantling the closet of doom in order to find a glove!


At 10:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should probably tie a rope around Caleb's waist and anchor it to the hallway outside of the closet so that when he gets lost in the "Closet of Doom" he can follow the rope and get back out.

I'd hate to see any harm come to him...

--Kim R

At 10:20, Blogger Kassi said...

that WOULD be a good idea. I should erase your comment...claiming to have no knowledge of such things.

At 12:03, Blogger Kelly said...

Oh yikes, one car during shopping season. I feel for you. Congrats on your new membership at church, and I completely LOVE your paint job on the stairway! I've been painting, too - isn't it funny we're doing it before the major holidays, instead of actually cleaning et al? Oh hahaha, so funny. I'm beginning to panic...

At 12:25, Blogger SlushTurtle said...

Love the paint job! Maybe you will come on down to Arkansas and paint my house for me!

At 08:32, Blogger Fin said...

Oh my Goodness - Tangerine is growing up!!!


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