Friday, November 04, 2005

Plight of the SAHM

I don't have anything profound to share. In fact this is another post about poo, so read at your own risk.

Today I will be doing some errands. Birthday present shopping, picking up the cats medicine, dropping off the mail...etc. etc.

My house is a complete and total mess. I'll have to tend to that later, if I want to get a jump on the rest of the day...and get off the couch; where I have spent most of the morning reading and hanging out with Caleb. We have mornings, most people have nights.

Since I have become a stay at home mom, time stretches out before me, and I plan my day in blocks of activity. In the morning I am the afternoon I start my cleaning, and I dont' usually sit down again until around 9:00 PM. This is mainly because I don't like to clean the house with an audience [my husband].

I'm grateful for that luxury. Very grateful. My husband works hard in order to allow me this opportunity to not put Kimi in daycare full time, and be home when ALL of the children need me. Lord knows I've had to pick the older ones up from school enough times in the past month to reinforce that I NEED to be home for them.

However, there are downsides to staying at home. The uncertainty of finances, longing for adult conversation, and potty training, to name a few.

In the beginning [4 months ago] I was excited for her every time that she sat on her little potty chair and made a poo in the appropriate place.

However, the excitement factor has waned, and it has been a little difficult faking that level of happiness every time. I think that she has sensed this and is endeavoring to make things interesting for me..

Now...after she has done the duty in the appropriate place, she excitedly shows me what she has made. So far she has made a snake, an elephant, a tiger, and a it was a dragon. This is all her idea, not mine. Trust me, none of what she made resembles animals real or imaginary.

I know she is trying to make this interesting for me as well, but until she shows me a flying monkey, I'm not contacting The Tonight Show.


At 13:41, Blogger scott said...

You have to be honest with her. Just sit her down and tell her, "Honey, I have to be honest. Your artwork stinks. It's total crap."

False hopes always lead to despair.

Hello, Kassi.

secret word: fanlgw (the famous Flemish poo artist)

At 18:23, Blogger Kassi said...

!! you are so funny!

At 21:16, Blogger desertUndine said...

How creative! Your little girl sounds like the expert story teller.

At 20:32, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

My question is, where are we supposed to PUT all that artwork?

I used to tack finger-painting masterpieces all over the fridge. Now I say, "Pretty." And when they're not looking, throw it in the trash.

If they catch me ("HEY! What's THIS doing in the trash?") I feign ignorance - "Wow. It must've been the wind. Or your father..."

Yep. When all else fails, blame the dad. He gets to be cheery-super-guy while I am cranky-rule-lady. I'm just trying to level the playing field a little.

At 00:12, Blogger Kassi said...

um...THIS type of artwork would NOT want to be tracked ANYwhere...


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