Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It was the wine talking...


I wish that I could just link everyone to that one word.

But I can't, so I want to send out mad props to a couple of people who has infiltrated my thoughts in the real world, thereby making me realize that that this here blog has not only given me an outlet to spew forth unintelligible garbage that people are willing to read; but has also linked me to a community comprised of individuals from all over the place. Each with interests and lives of their own, but undeniably connected by a common thread. That thread being Vampires.

My mad props go out to Brando and Scott. How have they infiltrated my real world?

Well, on Friday night, someone brought a bottle of Vampire wine to the party [A genuine import of Transylvania]. And then on Saturday night, Erin brought two bottles to the Red Creek game...

I thought to myself, "I bet Brandon would get a kick out of this stuff...I wonder if it is REALLY from Transylvania..."

And I thought..."whoa".

Then later on there was some talk of vampires and I thought about how Scott has referred to his family as vampires because they are captivatingly attractive...

Then I thought to myself...

"Gosh. I need to meet these people, because if I keep making reference of them in real life, I will have to make sure they actually exist or up my Risperdol"


At 08:46, Blogger ducklet said...

ironically, meeting us would also require you up your Risperdol.

At 10:00, Blogger Kelly said...

I refer to my bloggy community all the time, Kassi, or I should say, I WANT to do this all the time. Nobody understands, however - except the members; the rest just get irritated or longsuffering looks on their faces. I don't even try anymore. I have enough trouble with people thinking I'm a freak.

At 11:50, Blogger Kassi said...

If I did take Risperdol, and there were no freaks, life would be darn boring.

At 12:24, Blogger scott said...

I know for a fact the Brandon does not exist. He told me so.

I also do not exist, but only sometimes.

(Half a bee, philosophically, must, ipso facto, half NOT be.)

Thanks for noticing me.

Hello, Kassi.

secret word: vpcjr (my friend vpciii's father.)


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