Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Played by a Pre Schooler

It has now been confirmed that my three-year-old has been playing me. I'm not pleased.

Today she has kept completely dry, on her own, with no prompting.

You would think that this would make me very happy. It would if I did not know her incentive...

See, I informed the little urchin that she would not get ONE measley piece of her Halloween candy if she messed herself. I stipulated that she could have a piece of candy after each time she used the toilet.

I figured one or two pieces at the most today. She has gone to the bathroom (unassisted) 5 times today. 5 times.

I need to find a way to beat her at her own game without crashing down the fragile house of cards that I currently refer to as "potty training".

I already realize that I am sorely out of my league for outwitting the little mastermind.


At 00:11, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Rotten teeth is a small price to pay for no more diapers, isn't it?

Those three-year olds ARE devilishly smart, especially when it comes to sweeties.

At 05:14, Anonymous irene said...

oh God, I just asked my husband "do you remember when the boys got out of diapers?" and we have no idea. we know it took them a couple of weeks for potty training, but the toilets... I think it took a little longer. I did try to beat them at their own game with chocolate, but it did not work for me then!!!

At 08:38, Blogger Sara You-don't-need-to-know-my-last-name said...

at least when she takes over the world, we will know how it started.

At 09:55, Blogger Kelly said...

By the time you've gone through the entire pillowcase of candy, she'll be used to doing her business in the toilet, and will hate the feel of it hanging around anywhere else on her body. Probably. Candy is a great incentive for anything. I use it on myself all the time.

At 10:18, Blogger Kassi said...

AB: I have been brushing her teeth non stop since Halloween...

Irene: A couple of weeks...oh how I envy you. My plight has been going on for MONTHS.

Slby: I's my fault. Just call me Dr. Evil.

Kelly: It's notjust one pillowcase, I have three children...she'll go through them all if I am not careful.

At 15:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As my child came to me potty-trained, I have no advice on this, just an anecdote...

My sister WOULD not use the potty. She was Mom's youngest, and thereby able to get away with a lot of stuff that the rest of us couldn't. (Case in point, I was toilet-trained by the time I was 11 mos old.)

Anyway, Mom took to doing the day-care thing when we were little kids, and had had enough of the dirty diapers by the time my sister was 4 (yes, 4 years old! My sister could READ, but didn't feel the need to use the toilet.). Anyhoo-- After a particularly terrible 'incident', my mom lost it and gave my sister the "what for". (This was accomplished -my guess- along with the help of her hand on a certain set of buttocks.) Funny how my sister SUDDENLY was COMPLETELY potty trained.

I'm not suggesting that you use the 'paddle' method on Kimi, just letting you know that you're not the only mom who has ever been played by a toddler.

See you in a month?
--Kim R

At 15:51, Blogger Kassi said...

Oh, that story sounds wayyy too familiar!

A month sounds perfect!

At 03:00, Blogger desertUndine said...

I am having difficulty with potty training the littlest one, too. I know she's young yet, but B was completley out of diapers at this age - even at night - and I realize that I don't know how to potty train a toddler. B trained herself. What a blow to my self esteem there - I thought it was me that was so awesome about it. Ha. Good luck!


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