Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It's funny how some things turn out the way that they do...

The book I had been reading on and off again for the past six years...I finished it today.

Strange how I finished it today...of all days.

The significance is that the person who gave me the book called me today to inform me that the last page had been turned thereby finally ending the story of our extremely difficult relationship.

I cried. When I hung up the phone.
I cried. When I finished the book.


They bring about new beginnings.


At 19:28, Blogger bella said...

Now that - that is just crazy.
Dry your eyes. New doors shall open.

At 23:00, Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Thats kinda spooky. And it sucks too.

At 10:04, Blogger Kelly said...

How strange... I love strange stuff. But I'm sorry about your relationship, Kass. I've had a few of those end, too - but have almost always found new and better ones; people who fit me where I am. I know you will, too - if you haven't already... xo

At 11:27, Blogger Kassi said...

No, it's not like that...I am GLAD that the relationship is over. I had just experienced a release yesterday...closure.

At 11:51, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Very healthy way to look at it - and itsn't it nice when life imitates art and hands you a nice metaphor on a platter?

At 14:17, Blogger sarah said...



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