Friday, October 07, 2005

Second Hand Smoke

Since our landlords don't mind or care that our neighbors second hand smoke is filling the lungs of my children, and making my home and possessions smell like an ashtray... I wonder if they would mind if I put a load of dog poop in the vents of thier office so that they could smell the inside of my dog's butt.

That seems fair.

Thankfully, we have gracious neighbors who have agreed to smoke outside until we can figure out a way to keep the smoke from coming in to our place [though tonight they forgot]. They've been really nice...unlike the sucky landlord who siphons the money from our bank accounts straight to their grubby little paws.

Yes this IS the same landlord who DID NOTHING for an entire three weeks while my house was flooded with drainage/sewage water and mold began festering in my submerged living room. Ahh the life of a tenant.


At 10:07, Blogger strunny said...

i love your comparison kass! plus i'm on day #18 of NO smoking. YES! that's so cool your neighbors are so understanding.


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