Thursday, October 06, 2005

Multi-Unit Dwellings Suck Arse

Living in a townhouse has its ups and downs, and right now we are experiencing a definite down.

We do not smoke, but our new neighbors do. And unfortunately the ventilation system in our home is connected to our neighbor, therefore we are the receiving the gift of second hand smoke every night. Right now our house smells like an ashtray and there is nothing I can really do about it.

Our landlord, caring not, says that there isn't anything that they can do--and suggested I get an air purifier.

My thought is that I spend enough money each month to warrant a safe and healthy living environment for myself and my children--which includes not breathing in someone's second hand smoke. Especially since I am allergic to said smoke, and my husband and I both have asthma, and I believe that my son may as well.

I've been living here for 16 months, these people just moved in last week. I seriously think that the landlords need to consider non-smoking and smoking unit arrangements. I also think that I may be making some calls to the health department tomorrow as well.

I have spoken with our neighbors, and they have said they will 'try' to smoke outside...but who knows how long that will last in the middle winter during a snow storm.


At 05:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kassi another idea would be to get filters that will fill the vents or cut them to fit, it is less costly then air purifier, but more of a hastle. Any just unscrew the vent covers and place them behind, might need a little tape. But it will surely help.
Just a seggestion

Take care

At 06:39, Blogger Fin said...

Screw the purifiers and your landlord - contact the state attorney general's office in re landlord tennant agreement. Find out what THEY can do for you.

At 08:51, Blogger diggincookin said...

Hi again sweetie!


At 08:57, Blogger Kassi said...

Uncle Carl, your case is getting stronger. So...when are you two up for a visit from us crazy Gilberts?

At 14:28, Blogger diggincookin said...

Any time, just give us a ringy dingy or drop an official email and we'll work out the

BTW you've convinced me to BLOG.

At 21:01, Blogger Kassi said...

whoo hoo on bloggin'!

I'll email you soon.


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