Thursday, October 06, 2005

Prayer Request

I know that some of you out there don't believe as I do, but I do know the power of I'm using my blog as my own personal request board for this one thing...

Can all of you please pray that nothing (financially upsetting) happens between now and next Friday, so that we can allocate my final paycheck from my temporary job towards Kimi's adoption.

I just received a letter in the mail regarding her child support (that we have not been receiving) and I fear the worst is about to happen as the state begins to put the squeeze on her paternal father.

Now that I am not working...things will resume being much more financially difficult. The adoption is not a cheap process, and saving money for it has been near impossible.

Anyway, I just wanted to put the request out there for prayers in order to get this on the way...

Thank you ever so much.

God Bless,



At 01:40, Anonymous irene said...

oh you will indeed be in my prayers Kassi.


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