Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Irksome Animal

I'm so very unhappy with my dog right now. She is the most loveable creature in the whole world, until she ignores the food in her dish and heads straight for the garbage can, which we keep behind a closed door.

Coming downstairs to find garbage strewn about my office is not really my idea of fun. In fact, it is quite the opposite of fun, and much more in line with a feeling of great anger.


At 00:49, Blogger Turtlellini said...

I can sympathize. Especially since one of my vile little Chihuahuas absconded with a pair of my passionately discarded undies last night. The problem is what she did with the panty liner still stuck inside! Ack.

At 05:46, Anonymous irene said...

HAHAHA, I feel for you too. my dog once ate a dictionary.

At 12:28, Anonymous lawbrat said...

God love em. My dog will get the boys stuffed animals and bring them into the living room, and sleep with them when they are at their dads. But, if SHE thinks I get home to late, or didnt give HER enough attention....my favorite shoes get eaten. Its like she knew the kids didnt have a choice in leaving, but me...me! I get the punishment.

At 12:59, Blogger Kassi said...

My dog does the same with all of our stuffed animals. She brings them into the living room and "cleans" them. When we get home their fur is all hardened. If it's not that, she is literally opening the storage door where we lock up the garbage and getting into that...nevermind her food dish is full.

Oh and if she's mad at me, she tears up my pantyhose.

Stupid dog.

At 14:39, Blogger Small Town Diva said...

But the garbage smells so much more interesting, mom!!!


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