Thursday, October 06, 2005

Snippet of Cute

Yesterday, while at Barnes and Noble picking out a baby gift, I found a book that aptly describes my youngest daughter. I bought it for the new baby, but I will be purchasing one for Kimi as well.

The line I want to share with you now is as follows:

"In the morning after she gets up, and moves the cat, and brushes her teeth, and combs her ears, and moves the cat, Olivia gets dressed." (Falconer, 2000)

This cracks me up, because my Snoog picks up Tangerine and carries her everywhere, as though the cat does not have legs of its own. What's funny, is that she will all of a sudden decide that the cat is hungry and carry it to the food dish.

The entire story reminds me of Kimi. Every Christmas the kids get one new special book from mom...and this will be hers.


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