Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sweet Talkin'

Warning the following conversation is vile. Anyone choosing to read past this first line is subject to their own chastisement as you have been WARNED. Read at your own risk.

A. I got us an anniversary present...

B. Oh really? What is it?

A. Yeah, it's poop.

B. Oh. Did you make it yourself?

A. Yes...and I sculpted it into a little statue.

B. Ugh..that's uh, nice...

A. Yeah, and you wanna know what I used for the eyes?

B. *hesitates*..umm...peanuts?

A. No... M & M's!!

B. *gagging* You used M & M's? That's sick.

A. Wanna know something else?

B. Not really, but what?

A. I learned something else that my body doesn't digest.

B. Oh...

A. Yes, cucumber seeds. So I'll add that to my list. Raisins, nuts, corn, and cucumber seeds.

B. I think I'm going to be sick.

A. Well...I figure if I can't make you laugh, I can try to make you throw up.

B. Thanks.

A. I love you.

B. I love you too.


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