Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mid-Wednesday Crazy

Well, the day is not over yet...and there is so much yet to do. However, I did go to the doctor and I am happy to report that George is almost gone. There is but a wee speck of him left on the bottom of my foot. He should be no more by next week.

Which is good because I have been having some pretty treacherously gross dreams in which he falls off my foot in a globular mass and people want to eat him, as in between two pieces of bread. I'll name no names.

Is it physically possible to throw up in your sleep?

Kimi went to daycare today, to give me a break. And I'll admit that I had my second thoughts up until the very last moment. I need to face it, I am not ready to let go. I keep having reservations because I fear people will treat her poorly. But we drive each other crazy.

The child needs to be away from me sometimes, and I her. So...Kassi just give up the stranglehold. I'll try. But I am not ready to go back to work. Not ready at all. Because that would entail taking my grip off the other two as well...and it didn't turn out so well last time.

However, I did manage to get some things done in her absence. For starters, I got George removed, mostly. I also went to Michael's, which for me that store is like Candyland for a child.

I managed to buy myself NOTHING...per usual. However, I did get some nifty things for Kimi since she and I will be spending the majority of our days together. I want that time to be spent at least somewhat constructively. No more sitting in front of the TV all day.

I also picked up the first component of my husband's anniversary gift, even though we aren't suppose to buy each other anything.

Next, I came home and rearranged the play corner in our living room to actually resemble a mini-daycare setting. Books, puzzles, blocks, legos, stringing beads. You know...quiet toys. So The Kim has a place to hang out.

Then Aboo [who had only a half day of school] and I went to Target and I purchased a cute outfit for Saturday night, as well as a plastic bin for Kimi's play corner. And of course some more Clorox Clean-up. You can never have enough of that stuff.

Oh...and 2 boxes of Boo Berry. It only comes out in October, and so this month I will be stocking up. It is my FAVORITE cereal of all time...I don't care if my teeth are blue afterwards.

Then Aboo and I headed to Barnes and Noble where I picked up a baby shower gift, found the book I want to buy The Kim for Christmas [every year each kid gets a new book], and the rest of Caleb's anniversary present even though we said we weren't going to do that.

His anniversary present to me is taking me on a dinner train-overnight- and getting our anniversary portrait done. I'm good with that. Photos ARE paper you know.

So, right now I am on the downside of the day...I still have homework to attend to...both from school and from church. Bible study is tonight, and I want to "wow" them again with my big words and "education".

Last week I totally felt the freak by using words like "presenting" and "proposed"...I'll have to think of some better ones for tonight. I can't help it-I read the dictionary to purposely increase my vocabulary. And I have business management lingo floating around my head all the time.

*ponders* I wonder if I can pull off using "Six Sigma" in a sentence...

Actually the Bible study is really nice...the women there are super. And I am very thankful that I started it up. I just always feel so out of place wherever I go...especially in groups of females. I'm so non female-ish in that respect. I often feel like I have the label "imposter" tattooed on my forehead.

So, I'm out of here...I have to study, make dinner, and hopefully take a shower all within the next 90 minutes. But know that I would prefer to read blogs and take a nap.


At 22:44, Blogger Turtlellini said...

Heh! The "word verification" to sign in and leave this comment was "luzrs". How did it know I was coming?

Anyway~~You are so very right about the Clorox cleanup. You really can never have too much of it. And even though Target is my "Temple", I buy that shit in BULK at Costco! Heh!

Mmmm...reading blogs and a nap. It does sound good. Except I can't nap. It's physically impossible. I hate it. Only time I can nap is when I'm sick. Ergh. I hate waiting around for that.

My guilty pleasure is a bubble bath. Most the time with Bath & Body works bubble bath, but the special occasions call for L'Occitane.

If i can get a bubble bath in after the kid goes down....super-cali-fragalistic-deluxe.

But my payment for that is emerging past the point where my husband waits up for me. By the time I'm all silky smooth and rubbin my legs together like a cricket--he's fast asleep.

At 02:28, Blogger desertUndine said...

Busy day - sounds like you got some time to get things done. I haven't taken the littlest one to daycare yet, and I think it's because I'd have a hard time letting go of her too. Why is it so hard? I have a hard time trusting people with my kids.

Really neat anniversary plans! Did he come up with that or did you plan together?

At 09:41, Blogger scott said...

If you throw up in your dream, you throw up in real life (at least that's what I heard).

The body cannot live without the mind.
- Morpheus

Been busy. Haven't been around much.

"Six Sigma". Ugh.

Hello, Kassi.

secret word: sednrv (A new sedative that makes you anxious and sleepy. It's horrible, really. I don't know why they invented it.)


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