Monday, October 03, 2005

Now I Remember...

For all of my guilt about working outside the home...I now remember why I was eager to go back to the office. My three-year-old (as much as I love her) drives me nuts.

I'm glad that I kept with the daycare for one day a week.

Wednesdays will help me to retain my sanity.

Okay, since I'm here to stay for a while, I should make the best of it. So, how do you stay at home moms survive a very very very active three year old who refuses to take a nap? Is there life after potty training?

On an up note, my house is almost back to ship shape. I've conquered the smell, and in fact have been able to tidy up my office a great deal. The closet door (of course) remains closed.


At 18:12, Blogger KateThatLooksLikeMollyRingwald said...

I love your makes me smile and appriciate my mom that much more, now that I'm at college, I really treasure the times I had with her...

At 20:21, Blogger ducklet said...

our secret was to make another baby.

of course, we realized very quickly that this logic would someday outgrow my wife's ability to reproduce.


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