Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Family Weirdness

Last Saturday we attended (one of) my 3rd cousin's wedding reception. It was nice, though I had to bring all three kids because once again, we were without a babysitter.

I did call ahead and was assured that it was okay.

However, that didn't stop the stares from certain members of my family. These particular members always stare. At me in particular, and whatever I do. I don't see them very often, and only until recently have I been seeing them at all. Prior to these particular events this year, it had been probably close to 16 years since our last get together.

I'm not sure why these particular family members treat me the way that they do (i.e. stare at me and make whispered comments when they think I am not looking)...it might be my imagination. However, I feel that I have a pretty good take on when someone is either not comfortable with, or mad at me. I get a vibe, and I'm usually right.

It does make me wonder if there was something that I did when I was younger that may have left a lasting and unsavory impression. Knowing me it isn't altogether impossible.

On the other hand, my mother is very close with them, and so it is also not impossible that she handed over some unpleasant and highly prejudice information about me whilst we were on the outs--which has been a constant up until just a few short months ago.

But, as I think about it...whatever it is, they should probably get over it, lest I decide to confront them.


At 17:44, Blogger Turtlellini said...

Do we have the same mom? Its starting to get eerie. Um....perhaps your family was just wondering what the hell was up with you stealing their thunder by wearing the hot pink sequined tube top, the assless leather chaps and four-inch stillettos with a white veil to the reception?

Btw...THANKS for putting my link on your site!! You're the bomb!! I would do the same, except I can't figure out HOW!! Can you help me with that?!?!?

At 17:45, Blogger Turtlellini said...

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At 20:06, Blogger Kassi said...

My mom and I have actually come a long way. I think that we have just come to an understanding of letting each other be who we are, and that's it.

At least, that has been my approach.


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