Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Seriously Disturbing

Today is laundry day. No getting around it, the dirty pile is bigger than the clean pile and even I, "she-of-a-thousand-panties", am out.

So, I'm sitting here reading stuff, and the washing machine is just working away...and I hear this very loud gurgling. At first I wonder if the washing machine is over flowing, or if the drain in the laundry room floor is backing up again.

So I venture to look. And no, it is neither of those things. It is in fact the toilet in the laundry room, which is horrifyingly reminiscent of the sounds that IT made in the bathroom just before spouting blood out of the bathroom sink at Beverly.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to make myself wait a while longer before braving the bathroom. The book terrified me at age 14, the movie gave Pennywise a face that I won't forget...damn Tim Curry for playing the role so very very well.

I've never been fond of clowns.


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