Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Something to be said...

Today I was informed that there is something to be said for just staying on my course and completing my degree.

I was also informed that specializing in International Business is a waste of time, and basically considered a joke in the business world.

That may very well be true.

However, there is also something to be said for keeping your unsolicited opinions to yourself.


At 03:16, Blogger AfricaBleu said...


Well put, old girl.

At 06:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or if not keeping them to yourself, at least publishing a blog of them.

At 08:17, Blogger Kassi said...

very true anonymous...I didn't realize the hypocrisy of my statement until just now. yikes.

At 16:53, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Your not giving your unsolicited opinion to anyone in particular. Their your opinions and your not forcing your opinions on anyone. Besides, I like your opinions.
If your doing what you want, a degree is a degree.


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