Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hi my name is Kassi and I love...

I'm not very good at introducing myself to large groups, or small groups for that matter. I never think of anything suave, witty, intelligent or even comprehensible to say. So at last Wednesday's Bible study, when it was being proposed that we stand and introduce ourselves and tell everyone one thing that we mind started racing, and my palms began to sweat.

What do I love? Gosh...that could be anything. There are so many things that I really like doing. I have so many interests...white water rafting, hiking, painting, music, dancing, writing [duh], children, marriage, coffee, Coke, chocolate, food, movies, books, working,...etc. etc. the list goes on.

What should I say, what can I say that would summarize me to a group of strangers so that they could fully appreciate and understand my interests. I'd rather have handed out notecards with my blog address.

Nothing substantial was coming to my mind. Nothing that wouldn't make me sound superficial, flaky, boring, or one-dimensional.

At least I had 40 other people ahead of me, being that I was sitting at the back of the room in the far left corner.Maybe we would run out of time before they got to me...maybe I could just sit back and be "skipped". That's easy enough...they always start at the front.

Then I heard the dreaded words..."okay let's start with you the back". 80 eyes turned towards me, waiting for me to tell them something about myself.

I said the first thing that spilled out of my mouth.

Unfortunately it was a complete lie. And now everyone thinks I'm someone I am not.

The worst part? Enduring the next 40 suave, witty, intelligent, and endearing introductions and fighting back the urge to raise my hand and say "me to!



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