Thursday, September 15, 2005

Favorite Memory Archive

Shopping in Japan.

I lived in Okinawa for a year, and by far it was summed up as the best shopping experience I have ever had.

I loved browsing the aisles of everything...whether it was clothes, toys, food, or stationary...

I loved figuring out what things were, and how much they were going to cost in American dollars.

I loved the clothes, purses, shoes, stationary, stoneware, and glassware that you could not find in an American mall.

I loved the aisles of food,the dessert shops--even the vending machines.

I loved the little unexpected treasures found in unexpected shops that can only be found on the winding alley streets of Okinawa. Every day out was a shopping adventure. Something new to be found. I souvenir shopped for an entire year. Of the things I bought I still have:

1 very tiny purse mirror, ingeniously thin.
A unique silver ring.
2 purses
A red cotton bag.
A grapefruit spoon.
Several Chopsticks
Tea cups
Rice bowls
A large fan with panda bears painted on it
2 long vests
1 pair of slippers
A houndstooth checked dress
1 pr. of toe socks
1 mechanical pencil
1 bathing suit that I won't even think of trying on
Notebook paper

Thankfully there is an Asian market nearby my home so that I can stock up on Pocky from time to time. When I step inside, the scent of the store takes me back in time...back to shopping in Japan.

If only they could bottle the salt air as well.


At 08:37, Blogger scott said...

I've never been to Japan, but I kinda like the music.

Hello, Kassi.

secret word: zsfsm

At 18:15, Blogger Kassi said...

they do keep a good beat.

At 02:27, Blogger Spurious Plum said...

How fun! When were you there?

What kind of Pocky do you like? I like the OG chocolate kind, but there's, like, 8 kinds now.

I liked the spicy crackers mixed with peanuts too.

At 07:30, Blogger Kassi said...

I was there in 97/98.

I'm a big fan of the plain chocolate pocky, and my other favorites are the tiny custard cups and the little banana cakes.
I've only been able to find the banana cakes once since being back to the states.

Oh, and I make a mean yaki soba. :)


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