Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sigh of relief, for now

I am finally caught up with my homework...I've been barely treading water for the past 2 weeks. Now if I can just keep afloat, I may just stay sane.

Thank goodness these are my 'proposed' last two classes. Proposed because they may throw a wrench at me again and say "oh you have to take this class as well..."

Until then, sigh of relief that I am not behind any longer.


At 16:05, Blogger scott said...

It's good to get caught up on your work. Sometimes it's also okay to get caught up in your work. You can change a sentence with a preposition, but you can't end a sentece with a preposition.

Funny, though, that sentence ended in "a preposition".

So did that one.

Hello, Kassi.

secret word: lpvsmsku

At 19:55, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Scott- you are hilarious.

Dosent it feel great to catch up? Be on top of it?
I'm so glad for you. Hopefully, there will be no wrenches thrown in.

At 21:22, Blogger Kassi said...

sweet relief lasted but a day...then tonight I realized another paper was due.



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