Monday, June 27, 2005

Making Myself

I'm at a point right now that if I do not do my final exam I won't care that much. I almost admitted defeat last night...but today I am going to give it another go. Of course, I would much rather be shopping right now. In fact there are things I need to go to the store for...however, I know that if I leave now I will be gone for 2 hours...and I would be much better satisfied if I did my shopping after I did at least 2 or 3 of these problems. They take me about 40 minutes a piece. Not because I'm stupid...but just because my brain doesn't work that way.

Anyway...pep talk over, whining over...I have to dig in. I just wish I didn't.

...of course, washing this self pity down with a nice cold Coke would be good right about now.


At 15:43, Anonymous Scott C. said...


You can do it!!!

I have faith in you. :)


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