Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Quiet

Today I came home to mass confusion.

I had volunteered my Tuesdays to helping out an acquaintance by watching her children on Tuesdays during the day in exchange for babysitting Kimi Tuesday evenings.

This means that Caleb has to watch them in the morning. By himself. While I am at work.

I called to check in on him a few times, to make sure that they hadn't overtaken the house. I should have called one more time before coming home.

I won't go into much detail to describe what I saw, only to say that the noise level was at a decibel that I have not been accustomed to in a long time. They were all shouting that they were hungry...kind of like pigeons in a park. Caleb was hiding upstairs in our bedroom, door shut. His hair [what is left of it] standing on end and his eyes bulging out of his head.

Thankfully my daycare skills were still intact and within the hour, all 5 children were fed,laying down for a nap, and the dishes were done. A half an hour after that I was dozing as well.

The baby woke up, and I used my powers of hypnotism to trance him back to sleep. Which translates to making sleepy eyes at him until he mimicks me and goes back to sleep. [Infant sleep trick #1]

The napping was good though. The entire house was quiet for an hour and a half. I think that I will start making Kimi take naps again...and I might join her.


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