Friday, June 24, 2005


Nothing feels as good as conquering a to-do list.

My 16-item "to-do" list for today is down to 6. I've been a busy girl.

I am always amazed about how much more I get done if I start the day out by writing down what I need to do. There must be something to this.

The irony is that I go through phases where all I do is write lists for everything I need to do, buy, etc. And then I become derailed. Stop writing lists. And mass chaos ensues. I need my neat little boxes, to put check marks in. I need straight lines and guidance. Symmetry pleases me.

So...getting a handle on things, today I endeavored to write a list. A list in black ink. I've highlighted the things that I have accomplished...

neon yellow line
razoring through the to do
mark my day away

Now there are more highlights on my paper than black marks. The world is on its axis once more.


At 19:02, Anonymous Amanda B. said...

Oh man. I can't even think about all that I have to do. You are my hero. :D

P.S. Your daughter is beautiful! Sassy!


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