Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I swear I am not procrastinating.

I really want to have a successful business in Mary Kay. I DO.

So why is it that when I start off it seems that everything is getting in the way? For instance, I start a part time job. My classes become even more hectic. I riddle myself with guilt over the fact that the summer with my children is approaching a fast close...they leave on Saturday.

So against my desires, I push back my Mary Kay business one more week. Not that I am doing nothing with it....just not as much as I would really like.

What's the excuse this time? My final exam is due on Sunday and I don't want to schedule ANYTHING except spending time with my kids up until that point. Everything else will have to wait. Including Mary Kay. That IS the reason why I am starting the business, no? So I can have this type of flexibility? Oui?

Yes yes yes...but. No buts.

I have this habit of starting one project to almost completion and then starting another before I am done with the first. Which is what I have done by starting Mary Kay before finishing school. And starting a job right after starting Mary Kay. See what I mean?

Therefore, seeing the error of my ways [because hindsight is 20/20] I should not have started this part time job. But I did. And now I feel a compelling obligation to stay because my boss needs help.

She is diagnosed with cancer, and her job is very stressful. And while training me to help her has probably not been a picnic in the park [because sometimes I am quite literally the slowest person on earth], the end result is that she will be able to take much needed time off without the coming back to the office in a complete shambles and loads of work waiting for her.
Unless of course I cannot figure out how to run the reports without irreversibly deleting them. [my biggest work fear at the moment]

Okay, that school work will end. There IS a light at the end of that tunnel. Thank Goodness. Because I have no compunction in telling the world that I hate corporate finance. [I hope my professor doesn't read my blog]

As for Mary Kay...I have to reconcile that with my director. She has to be told that for the next week I am going to lay low. She won't like it, because well...the MK attitude is "Go Get 'em...NOW"....and there is nothing wrong with this...but Kassi is needing to catch a glimpse of sanity so that her house of cards doesn't come crashing down around her feet.

I think that I will need to start investing in better building blocks. Can someone please send me some Lincoln Logs?


At 21:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lincoln Logs coming up!

Erin H.

At 21:31, Blogger Kassi said... rock!


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