Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mini Party just me and a Hershey Bar

I'm about to throw myself a mini party because I have turned in my FINAL "mini report" for my corporate finance class. AMEN. [keeping in mind that I pass this class and I don't have to take it again...]

Time for chocolate.


At 08:08, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Whoo-hoo! Go go with your old bad chocolate bar, girl - you deserve it!

What the heck - eat TWO bars! :)

At 13:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yippee. Is this the end of Corporate Finance?


At 13:51, Blogger Kassi said...

...alas no...I still have a 2 page report on my stock portfolio to turn in, as well as the final exam. Like I said, it was a 'mini party'.


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