Monday, June 27, 2005

Fresh Eyes

Well, I am one day late on my exam. I have 4 more problems to try and overcome. Of what I have completed, I have only finished a handfull of them correctly. [and that is being generous]

It's multiple choice, so I can tell right away that the formulas I am using are incomplete.incorrect.inane.

I am banking on the fact that if I show my work, regardless if it is right, I will get some credit.

It is just so infuriating. Ask me to write a paper and I can do that in record time.. find the answer to: WACC = wdkd(1-T) + wpkp +wcks, and I'm like DUHHH. Tell me again why I need this stinkin' degree?

But for now I am stopping. I need to look at these numbers with fresh eyes. Right eyes are crossing.

I could use a Coke.


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