Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Back to short hair...back to reality

Ever since I can remember I have wanted long hair. Beautiful long dark hair, straight or curly...it doesn't matter.

In second grade one of our assignments was to draw a picture of what we thought we would look like at the age of 25 and then again at the age of 35. Both self portraits I drew of myself were with long hair.

Actually...at 25 it wasn't as long as how I thought it would be at 35...you know...hair grows.

The boy I had a super crush on [Jeremy] drew himself with muscles...he ended up not being so muscley his Jr. Year of High School...

Well...I have always wanted long hair, I covet long hair...I am envious of those who can actually grow long hair...because I can't.

Not that my hair won't grow...it will. Hideously so. When my hair is short it is healthy, shiny and thick...but the longer it gets the wispier, thinner, and scragglier it gets. Okay, take that back...some days it is scraggly...other days I look like Gilda Radner from the early days of SNL.

Oh how I hate thee Catherine Zeta Jones...who, to me, is the epitome of a beautiful looking woman and is gifted with goddess hair.

Prior to me, my husband only dated women with long hair...and admittedly he likes long hair. He is a very tactile person and enjoys playing with my hair...so I am sorry that I cannot grow it long...

My stupid not straight not curly hair...that thins and frizzes as it gets longer...no amount of hair product can cure you, the bane of my existence and beauty regiment.

To be totally honest...I feel a certain thrill when I see that my friends have cut their hair...I think to myself..."ah they are coming over to the dark side..."...and I giggle.

It is because of my own shortcoming...[pun intended]...I have no patience or skill with my own hair...I cannot contort my arms around enough to reach the parts that need the most attention. So my solution...just like any good dictator..."Off with it's head!"

The result...at age 35 I will not have the long-past-my-butt hair that I thought I would when I was seven years old and naive.

I will have short spikey, spunky, funky hair...because darnit I'm a pixie not a goddess.


At 15:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it looks fabulous! I agree that short hair generally on most women looks fuller, healthier and shinier. Men just don't understand, they just want long. Ben included.


At 15:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your haircut is really cute.


At 15:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think short hair makes you look younger, I wouldn't go back to long. You look just fine with short hair....

At 15:35, Blogger Kassi said...

When Caleb and I first met, I had REALLY short hair..so the attempt at long hair was new for him, and he finally admitted that he would like to see me with short hair again...apparently the 'having long hair' fantasy was my own...not his.

At 17:18, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Then maybe you're a Pixie Goddess, then?? :)

At 19:57, Anonymous lawbrat said...

It is really cute. I like it alot. I think Scott C is on to somethiing...Pixie Goddess of Pink Dot!

At 20:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also think it is cute. i remember being younger i had really long hair it was so hard to take care of so i got it cut and it was easier to maintain. i have had short hair since (not that short though)

At 20:34, Blogger Mrs.Strizzay said...

Short is good

At 03:42, Anonymous minxlj said...

Don't worry, pixies are cute too!! :-)
Anyway, Catherine Zeta Jones has goddess hair because she has millions and squillions of dollars, and a personal hairdresser to do her hair and make it look fab. Take heart - when she was a young 'un and in the 'Darling Buds of May' TV show here in the UK, her hair was horrible!!

At 07:18, Blogger Fin said...

I love your hair.

and I had to laugh at your comment about friends crossing over to the dark side.

I like my hairs short - though I find I still rely on the same old hairstyling standby I used when it was 8" longer -

'Lo the joys of a pony-o!

At 07:24, Blogger Kassi said...

admittedly fin, I had a bit of evil glee when you chopped your hairs, but I think that your cut looks faboo. E.H. also cut her long tresses shorter recently...[tee hee]

At 07:27, Blogger Kassi said...

p.s. thanks to everyone for the love regarding my new hair cut...it's a big thing [for me] and you all have been sweet with the comments.

'pixie-goddess' eh? ... hmmm... :)


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