Thursday, December 15, 2005

Random Fact

When I was in the third grade I had my tonsils removed. The surgeon commented that they were the largest tonsils he had ever seen and asked me if I would like to keep them.

I said "yes". Perhaps a little too enthusiastically. I barely paid attention to the look my mom gave me. I was never good at reading social cues as a child.

They were placed in a jar of formaldehyde and I kept them for a while, even brought them to school for show and tell. I DID notice the look my teacher gave me; which confirmed my insecurities and shattered my delicate self-induced delusions of normalcy. I was an odd child. No denying it.

Mind you, my third grade teacher could walk on water as far as I was concerned. The fact that she had a full grown pine tree named "Clyde" in her classroom did not in the least tip me off that she was a bit of an oddball herself.

Perhaps if I had named them, she would have been more accepting of my pet tonsils.

I lost interest in them after that, but did not throw them away.

I found them years later in my closet under a pile of clothes and toys, still in the jar, but disintigrated into gray-brown snot clumps. It was awful. I decided to throw them away, or risk having nightmares. I saw "The Blob" I knew what happened when science projects go horribly awry.

To this day, I can honestly say that I do not have tonsils. I promise.


At 11:57, Blogger anne said...

Every time I get a bad cold/sore throat, I think maybe I should get mine out.

But I don't think I will keep them in a jar... ;)

At 12:03, Blogger Kassi said...

Yeah, the whole jar thing really did me no good.

At 16:40, Blogger Katrina said...

Kassi, and I mean this sincerely:


On the bright side, "normal" people's blogs aren't nearly as much fun to read as yours.


At 10:06, Blogger Kelly said...

I'm still reeling from the discovery that you'd been asked to marry four times, and now I find out you'd kept your tonsils in a jar for years!

I admire you more than anybody else in the world, even Mother Teresa.

At 16:23, Anonymous irene said...

I got my tonsils removed when I was 19. 19! it took me 3 whole weeks to recover. I just can't believe you kept yours!


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