Sunday, December 11, 2005


5. Get up and go to church...

This process was fairly quick and painless. The kids were actually ready before I was, and the Snoog did not have an accident right before we left.

4. Go shopping at Target to purchase gifts for displaced children/ young moms...

Again, the kids were in good spirits as they picked out the gifts. We had some fun with it.

3. Have lunch at Applebees...

This is where we start to have some grumbling. But for the most part we endured lunch together unscathed.

2. Watch The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe...

The Snoog did not settle into the movie until about half way through...which reminded me once again that she should not be let to enter a theatre until she has developed an attention span that is more expanse than a gnat. I spent the entire movie ensuring that she would not bother the other patrons.

1. Send the kids to bed early because they couldn't hold out long enough on not fighting to decorate the tree.

I'm not sure what happened on the relatively quiet trip home. Only that upon setting foot into the door everyone's demeanor rapidly changed. Objects were flying through the air, people were crying, people were whining. I had had enough.

If I stick to my guns on the "no fighting" rule, we won't have decorations up until Christmas Eve...if ever.


At 13:14, Blogger Kelly said...

Last night I was standing on the back of the couch hanging lights on a garland, when I sighed and said to my kids as they walked out the door to go to friends', "I guess the days are over when we spend an evening sipping hot chocolate by the fire, and decorating the tree to the sound of carols playing softly in the background."

Torie reached up, patted me on the arm, and said, "I'm sorry we're growing up, Mom."

Ch-ch-changes... Every year is different. kiss xo

At 23:56, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Sorry you didn't get the full effect of Narnia - it knocked my socks right off.

Isn't that just the way those "fun" days go? The good news is, some days that aren't given a "fun" label end up being the best time ever - like when the new fridge comes, and you spend all afternoon cutting holes and a door into the box and having tea in your new "home."


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