Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Case #1: The Paw the Cat Left Behind
Has the cat been on the counter?

If you look closely you can see the perfect imprint of Tangerine's paw. Proof she has been on the counter tasting the sweeties.
Verdict: GUILTY
Case#2: Disappearing Frosting
Why is there never any frosting left for the brownies?
Since fingerprint kits weren't available, we
had to determine the culprit using different methods.
Verdict: Guilty!
Case #3 Ghost Camera
Is the camera taking photos on its own while no one is around?
Need we say more?
Verdict: Guilty!!


At 09:17, Anonymous irene said...

HAHAHA this is fabulous!

At 09:33, Blogger Erin said...

lol! soooo cute!!

At 10:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cute. What will Tangerine's sentence be?


At 10:25, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Way to go, Nancy Drew.

At 10:40, Blogger Kelly said...

Once, when I was little, our dog got up on the table and licked away a whole corner of frosting from a cake my mom had made. My mom just shushed me, and refrosted it because our guests were due any minute. Irrevocably scarred, I refuse to eat cake to this day.

Not really. German chocolate is my favorite. (Great pics!)

At 10:49, Blogger Kassi said...

Tangerine just received extra squishing.

At 11:06, Blogger Kassi said...

That's me, super slueth.

At 00:52, Blogger La Bella said...

Girl... you are too funny!


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