Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sheila & Toby

We finally got my Saturn back from the auto shop. $2600 later that is. (I'll not go into how we managed to get the cash, just that we are VERY thankful, very blessed-no it didn't involve robbery or else this post would be titled "Bonnie and Clyde")

We are putting a positive spin on it though. The car (Sheila) went in with over 80,000 miles on her engine. And now she only has 30,000. So, we essentially got a "new" car out of the deal.

So now my hubby takes Sheila to work, and Toby stays home with me. I wonder if I should take the Mary Kay sticker off of Sheila. Nah.

Here is Toby by the way:

He is in need of a wash. But he is still under 1000 miles. We are hoping to break into his first long road trip after Christmas.

On a side note: I've been housebound for 3 weeks, and I still can't believe that I can actually GO SOMEWHERE without waiting for my husband to come home. Freedom is waiting at the threshold of my door...Target here I come!


At 11:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there!

At 13:51, Blogger Kelly said...

Toby is a handsome dude: obviously sturdy and dependable... I'm glad you get to escape prison, Kass. Enjoy your freedom!

At 16:07, Blogger Erin said...

Three weeks! Yikes! I would have knawed my foot off. I can't even let my husband drop me off at work. Eight hours without a car is death for me. Then again, I might be a bit of a control freak.

At 19:03, Blogger Katrina said...

It is a GREAT thing to be mobile! After almost ten years of marriage, my husband and I still share a car. I attribute our healthy negotiating skills to the maneuvering required for both of us to be able to use it when we need it!

Sadly, said negotiations usually involve me getting up waaaay earlier than is my wont in order to dress myself and the kids.

Congrats on your set of wheels!

At 20:23, Blogger Kassi said...

Katrina, I totally bow down to you for being able to do that for 10 years. Caleb and I barely survived 3 weeks.


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