Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How the Penguins Saved Christmas

My daughter, Abby, came home one day after school to announce that she was going to be in a Christmas program at school. She was very excited and she said that she was going to try out for the lead part.

"Wonderful", I said. "I hope that you get it. You will just have to practice."

She came home almost every day for a month telling me one thing or another about her Christmas program. One day she came home really upset, and upon my careful prodding (careful because if I do not tread cautiously I'll likely not get my fingers back), she tearfully let me know that she would not be the lead penguin.

I felt bad for her, because I know that she strives to be the center of attention, in the limelight on so many levels. Partly because she is a big ham, but mostly because I see she has budding insecurities. All of which I will be very ineffective in strengthening against because as she gets older she is more convicted in her own individuality...in spite of mom.
She is the one who will be less likely to believe me when I tell her she is beautiful, smart and wonderful.

So, I hugged her and asked if she would still be taking part in the play. She said "yes" that she had a few lines, and there would be plenty of singing. Which she loves.

During the course of the past few weeks I heard stories of how the teachers were being demanding, making the kids practice. I helped her get her costume ready. And generally just listened.

Last night was the big night.

It was fabulous to see 50 third graders dressed as penguins, singing, and saying their lines perfectly.

I know that the teachers put a lot of work into the program, directing these children to put on a show for their parents and siblings. I know that the Snoog enjoyed it, especially when she saw her big sister up there singing.

I'm glad that Abby didn't get too discouraged that she didn't get the lead part in the program, and I hope that she knows she will always be lead penguin in our family.


At 13:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cute. I am glad the play went well. Congratulate Abi for me.


At 09:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, Abi!!

Tell Abi (from Spencer and me) that -sure, it's nice to be a 'lead' in the play- being part of the "chorus" is where all of the fun is at!!!! ((We are veterans of community theater, after all...))

Also, in musical theater, it is the 'chorus' that carry the play!

Give Abi a big hug from the Rifes!


At 10:32, Blogger Katrina said...

What a great example of perserverance in the face of obstacles! I'm so glad she recovered from her disappointment and rallied her talents to entertain the masses. Sounds like it was a really cute show!


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